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The FlowDyn sport recovery device is meant for any athlete looking to gain a competitive edge by training harder and more frequently. The FlowDyn accelerates an athlete’s recovery process using rapid mechanical pulses (intermittent pneumatic compression) to improve local circulation and create vascular shear stress. This allows athletes to get back to intense training or competition in a shorter amount of time.

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  • Creates vascular sheer stress
  • Promotes accelerated, more efficient recovery
  • Improves local blood circulation
  • Reduces post-exercise pain and swelling
  • Enhanced muscle repair and vascular growth means more effective training


  • Pre-programmed/timed for optimal effects
  • Free knee joint in order to keep from restricting blood flow to the legs (encourages complete joint mobility and range-of-motion)
  • Applies rapid stimulating, mechanical pulses to the muscles
    • Shear stress caused by these rapid mechanical pulses has been shown to cause vasodilation at the microcirculatory level. That increases tissue blood flow and brings metabolic nutrients, removes waste products, and mobilizes growth factors and cells.
  • Easy to use, one switch operation with no programming necessary
  • Automatically adapts to athlete’s limb size
  • Technology is patented and patent pending

Competitive Analysis

  • Compared to pneumatic tube devices, which focus on reducing swelling with low pressure, slowly applied for long durations: FlowDyn creates shear stress with rapid mechanical stimuli (vasodilation, growth factors, etc.); targets muscle groups; does not restrict joint motion or blood flow.
  • Compared to electrical stimulation devices: FlowDyn is easier to apply and provides pleasant stimulation that more closely simulates manual sport massage techniques.
  • Compared to vibratory devices: FlowDyn is automated and operation is hands-free.

FlowDyn was developed using the same clinical study findings as the ArtAssist® device, as cited below.

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