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ArtAssist® Videos

The physicians and patients appearing in the following videos did not receive any compensation for their statements.



Nov, 2019. New York. Professor Sheriff Sultan talks about the ArtAssist® Arterial Device- its History, Benefits and how it works at the VEITH symposium. 


Amputee and heart specialist Dr. Sven-Olof Isaacson gives a compelling interview to world renowned vascular surgeon, Dr. Bo Eklof. Hear how Dr. Isaacson believes the ArtAssist® device saved his remaining leg allowing him to lead a full and active life. 

Hear how veteran and road construction worker, Jeff McBride, uses ArtAssist therapy to make a remarkable recovery after a diagnosis of PAD and a failed bypass surgery.

Robert Jeffery Hall, Navy Veteran, shares how the ArtAssist® device has made a difference in his life.

Veteran and retired truck driver, Walter Rivers, underwent five bypass surgeries and still lost his left leg to infection. Hear about his struggle with arterial disease and why he has committed to using the ArtAssist device for life!

Kidney disease sufferer Paul Bentley shares his compelling story about how his use of the ArtAssist device caused his vascular surgeon to remark that she “has never seen anybody who has had such an improvement in circulation” as she’s seen in Paul after several months use.

Arterial disease caused very serious and rapidly progressing wounds in Harry Dimopoulos’ legs. Harry and Ann Dimopoulos tell the story of how his use of the ArtAssist device saved one of Harry’s legs from amputation by significantly increasing the flow of blood (and the oxygen supply) to his leg.

Don Herrick’s feet had swollen to two sizes larger in shoe size and he had a wound on his foot that wouldn’t heal due to poor circulation. Lila and Don Herrick tell Don’s story of remarkable improvement and talk about his commitment to consistent use of the ArtAssist device.

Veteran Wayne Schmid explains how use of the ArtAssist accomplished what two bypass surgeries in his leg failed to do.

Soladad tells about the tremendous improvement in quality of life her mother has experienced since using the ArtAssist device and how it saved her mother’s gangrenous leg from amputation.

Fred Chasen talks about his improved quality of life after using the ArtAssist Device

Father Joe Mullins talks about ArtAssist@…The Arterial Assist Device®

Paul White on the ArtAssist@…The Arterial Assist Device®

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