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ArtAssist® Videos

The physicians and patients appearing in the following videos did not receive any compensation for their statements.

Doctors and patients talk about ArtAssist@…The Arterial Assist Device®

CHICAGO (WLS) — A potential medical breakthrough happening in Chicago is literally saving limbs

An experimental treatment for patients with chronic poor circulation, often brought on by heart disease or diabetes, is part of a new push for drug repurposing — finding new cures with existing medicine.

Watch the video and notice the ArtAssist® device in use as part of the experimental treatment used to provide patients with limb saving treatments and relief from tremendous pain.

Dr. Eton at Desert Foot 2017

Home Treatment For CLI: Sequential Compression Pneumatic Device Recruiting “Capillary Bed”

Prof Sherif Sultan MD FRCS FACS PhD

How ArtAssist®...The Arterial Assist Device® can Reinforce Endovascular Procedures

Optimization: Andrew Nicolaides on the ArtAssist®...The Arterial Assist Device®

ArtAssist®...The Arterial Assist Device®: In the Inventor's Words