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ArtAssist® Device Videos

CHICAGO (WLS) — A potential medical breakthrough happening in Chicago is literally saving limbs

An experimental treatment for patients with chronic poor circulation, often brought on by heart disease or diabetes, is part of a new push for drug repurposing — finding new cures with existing medicine.

Watch the video and notice the ArtAssist® device in use as part of the experimental treatment used to provide patients with limb saving treatments and relief from tremendous pain.

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The VenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device at the Oregon Institute of Technology

April 2013: On a visit to the Vascular Technology Program to meet with LeAnn Maupin, who uses the VenaPulse® device and explains how it can make venous exams more efficient.

The Trouble with Manual Augmentations for Venous Exams

Femoral Vein Flow Using Duplex Ultrasound & Hands-Free Augmentation Device

How Can the Hands-Free Augmentation Device Make Venous Exams Easier and Quicker?

APG® Air Plethysmograph Videos

A non-invasive diagnostic tool that quantifies the physiological components of chronic venous disease